The Institute for Social and Sustainable Design (IDSS) is a Civil Society Organization formed with the purpose of working with socioeconomic development projects, sustainable development and culture economy, following concepts of respect for nature and social responsibility. Through the Discipline of Design, we seek innovation in products and processes that generate autonomy and empowerment for rural and urban productive communities, thus forming conscious and included citizens in the formal and solidarity economy.

The Institute of Social and Sustainable Design works using the Design discipline as an element of innovation in the process of developing solutions. We execute Technical Consulting in the elaboration and development of projects of implantation and organization of productive nuclei, and we develop socio-economic-environmental researches and diagnoses generating contextualized information that subsidize actions of economic and territorial planning.

Implantation of productive nucleus next to cooperatives of collectors in Aracajú (Sergipe)

Development of product adequacy actions and market access in an indigenous productive community in Banzaê (Bahia).

Development of packaging and labeling system for agricultural groups of the Pró-Gavião Project (Bahia).

Project to develop productive centers in the Jiquiriçá Valley (Bahia).

Development of product lines integrating productive communities of ceramic and braided fiber in the municipalities of Caém and Andorinha (Bahia).

Income generation project in the municipalities of Curaçá and Abaré (Bahia).

Collection of development of noble handicrafts along with productive groups.

Territorial Design Project with the quilombola community of Tijuaçú (Bahia).